• Primo's Patented Oval Design

    Posted on by Ashley Bel

    Oval Beats Round Every Time


    Primo's Patented Oval Design

    The unique patented oval shape delivers the highest cooking flexibility and efficiency of any other ceramic grill. It creates two different and distinct cooking zones. If you've ever tried to grill a steak and vegetables at the same time it's likely that the steak came out fine, but the vegetables came out too charred. Or you had to roast the vegetable first, then keep them warm while you grill the steaks. We ran into the same problem. Now you know why we developed the Primo Oval.

    Primo's Oval Design gives you more control when cooking foods that require different temperatures and locations to the natural lump charcoal. Commonly referred to as "two-zone" cooking, it's the ability to simultaneously cook with direct and indirect heat. It's similar to turning off half the burners on a gas grill, but Primo offers all the flavor of a natural wood fire!

    Grill thick sizzling bone-in ribeyes while roasting farm fresh corn on the cob on the other side. Round ceramic grills may promise, but can't deliver the extremely efficient cooking abilities of a Primo Oval.

    Primo's Multiple Cooking Methods

    Grill mouthwatering juicy cheeseburgers, bake authentic wood-fired pizza, roast a turkey, or smoke a beef brisket to tender perfection. Virtually any food and recipe can be cooked on a Primo Oval Grill.

    A Primo Grill allows you to grill, bake, roast, smoke, sear, braise, sauté, barbecue, carmelize, flambé, broil, fricassee, pan-fry, baste, parboil, boil, poach, scallop, simmer, stew, stir-fry, and more.

    grill sear


    (Direct Cooking)

    grill roast 1

    Grilling & Roasting

    (Direct & Indirect Cooking)

    bake roast smoke

    Baking, Roasting & Smoking

    (Indirect Cooking)

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  • Choosing The Perfect DoorMats For Your Home

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    Laying personalized doormats outsides a homes entrance serves as a friendly and decorative welcome to visitors. Personalized doormats send a warm and cordial message to visitors besides serving a functional purpose of trapping debris, dirt, and moisture. In effect, they keep these substances away from indoors floor or carpet. Therefore, having a doormat at every entry of the house or home is a better way to cut down on vacuuming and sweeping.

    Personalized Coir Doormat with Monogram

    With different designs and colors, shopping for a doormat can be a little confusing for buyers, and you might even end up lacking the doormat of your choice. That’s why it’s best to opt for a personalized doormat as it will fulfill all your needs regarding materials, size, shape, color, pattern and other considerations. Here is what you need to know before buying personalized doormats:


    Whoever coined the phrase "being treated like a doormat" didn’t know the usefulness of the front doormat. Doormats are incredibly useful for the following reasons;

    1. Trapping dirt and moisture- Doormats helps to clean up nearly 85% of the moisture and dirt that enters a home or building. This saves you the cost of having to sweep, mop or vacuum. The scrapping surface of the mat traps the dirt making your cleaning work easy.

    2. Improves indoor air quality- all the debris and dirt that makes its way to the indoor floor and consequently end up polluting the air inside the house. Though allergens like mold spore and pollen might not be visible to the naked eye, they are certainly on the soles of the shoes considering all the areas we travel on foot. As aforementioned, doormats reduce contaminants, moisture, and dirt that hop aboard the soles of the shoes for free board and room in your home. The mat traps pollutants leaving the air in the room fresh and clean.

    3. They reduce the possibility of falling- chances of falling or slipping increases greatly when either the shoes or floor is wet. Moisture reduces the gripping ability of the shoe leaving you vulnerable to slipping. Wiping your shoes on entrance mat reduces the possibility of slipping as moisture will be collected by the mat.

    So, don’t underestimate the importance of a mat. It’s a very crucial component in the house. Choose mats that can scrap and those that are durable. You can get durable ones on Life on Plum. In fact, it’s good to personalize yours so that it appears unique and takes up the design you prefers.


    1. Scraper Mats

    These are placed at the entrance of the home and act as the first line of defense to keep moisture and dirt from getting indoors. It's an outdoor mat. They are quite abrasive and have edges that rub against the soles of the shoes. The mats can be designed to hide dirt inside so that they appear cleaner for longer periods. You can customize yours to have a welcome message or your name written on it.

    2. Interior Mats

    These are in the second line of defense and supplement the scraper mats. Interior mats should be placed at the house entrance to catch dirt, water, and dirt particles. Make sure that these mats don’t have a slipping backing such as rubber as that can cause slipping. You can also put it in the ideal place by using non-slip tape. Many interior mats have scraper qualities but aren’t as rough as their scraper mats. Interior mats can also be personalized to have a unique design and color that matches the interior.

    3. Indoor/Outdoor Mats

    These can be personalized as well. However, they should have good absorption and scraping abilities. Even if you get a mat that can work as both indoor and outdoor mat, it’s still important to place two mats before entering the house.

    4. Decorative Mats

    These mats tend to be attractive and are not necessary designed to catch dirt or dust. Check the mat’s material and absorbency to make sure that it’s durable enough. Here at Life on Plum, we offer that service. We personalize them for you so that your mat will look exactly the way you wanted it to be.


    1. Purpose

    Decide where the mat is going to be placed. If you intend to use it to absorb dirt and moisture, the mat needs to have good scraping ability. If it's going to be an indoor mat, make sure it has a non-slippery base.

    2. Size Matters

    Choose a mat with an ideal size for the available space. If the mat is too small, people will walk straight without wiping both feet; one foot will step on the mat while the other one will be landing on the other side of the mat. A large mat inside the house is perfect for people who need a gentle reminder that they’re supposed to remove their shoes. By placing shoes alongside the mat will send the message to them clearly.

    You can place the mat in a portrait manner rather than landscape position to ensure that both feet come into contact with the mat. Ideally, a door mat should take about 80% of the doorway width.

    3. Its Thickness

    Some doormats might be too thick, which can keep the door from closing. They can also create uneven floor leading to unintended falls and slips for people who are not paying attention.

    4. Consider Customized Mats

    You can order your fully customized mat that has a message or company logo written nicely on them. They will offer low-cost advertising solution. They will be effective in getting your message or brand recognized by the public. You don’t need to pay a fortune to have several personalized mats made as here at Life on Plum will do that at cost effective way. Customized mats also raise your brand awareness, and customers will easily recall a logo that was emblazoned on the doormat.

    5. Beware of Fading

    Outdoor mats might need to be replaced more frequently as the sun makes them fade. Similarly, mats placed on carpeted or hardwood flooring can create uneven fades. Therefore, make sure to alter the locations after some time.

    When buying any doormat, make sure you know the purpose you intend to fulfill, and the message you might need to pass through.


    Doormats range from designer to designer and can be found on several online sites. Life on Plum has been a reliable site where one can get customized and personalized mat. Order yours today.

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  • A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Garden Benches

    Posted on by Chad Harris

    A garden bench can transform your yard or garden into a place to linger and sit for hours. It allows people to relax on the weekend or after work, stargazing, reading, or simply admiring the serene environment and surrounding plants and flowers. Garden benches can be decorative if arranged in a way that complements the range of garden plants; from modern to picturesque. There are many considerations to make when purchasing a garden bench to ensure that you purchase a bench that suits your garden style and preferences.

    Here is an all-inclusive and comprehensive garden bench buyers guide to help one make an informed and enlightened purchase decision.


    1. Space Available

    The amount of space available in your garden dictates the size and type of furniture to buy. Do you have large garden size with acres of space or just a balcony? Whatever size of the garden you have, we (Life on Plum) have options that suit your needs. However, before making the purchase decision, make sure to have the exact measurements so that you don't end up buying something that will not fit in your garden space.

    2. Purpose

    What purpose will you be using the garden benches for and who’ll be using the furniture? Is it meant to accommodate your friends and family or will you be relaxing by yourself? By having a general understanding of how you will be enjoying your garden living, you'll get a wider scope of the number of seats needed and the style they should take.

    3. Nature Of Access

    How you’ll be setting your garden furniture is another important consideration that you ought to make. For example choosing non-foldable or heavy option might not be an ideal option for spaces that are in the interior areas of the garden as they might be difficult to carry because they might not fit in the pathways.

    4. Storage

    Don’t forget to consider where the furniture will be stored when not in use. Do you have ample space to keep it outside when not in use or will you have to move it out of the way when they aren’t in use? Certain materials like hardwood can withstand all-weather conditions and therefore you should consider that as well.

    If you have to move the benches around, then smaller, lightweight benches can easily be moved and stored in a garage or shed.

    5. Maintenance Needed

    Consider the amount of effort you’re willing to invest in caring for your garden benches. Certain materials call for more work than others. Are you able to apply paint or protective treatment every year? Or are you looking for furniture that is less demanding? This is a crucial consideration as you want to enjoy your garden benches for years to come.

    6. Price

    We all have our budgets for anything we prepare to purchase. Usually, better and durable quality is more expensive as they have been made by top-quality material that guarantees durability. There is a wide variety of options at different prices.

    7. Comfort

    For many, this is an essential consideration. Benches that are high enough and wide enough; high slapped backed and shaped benches can provide ideal comfort for relaxation. You can combine them with tables of the ideal height.


    Garden benches come in a wide variety of options to bring beauty and comfort to any yard and garden setting. Some common design options include benches with arms and backs and flat benches. Some benches are loaded with features designed for added comfort, including high backs, contouring, and rollover edges. Other benches focus on decorative elements, from romantic to minimalistic. Here are some common bench styles;

    1. Planters Benches

    These benches bring your garden to the bench with planters at both ends. This adds color and softness to the bench, making it striking and inviting.

    2. Garden Bench Arbors

    These benches feature a roof and sides and are usually latticed to enable climbing flowers and plants grow over the top. Tucked-away and shady, arbors are an ideal and cozy place to relax in your garden.

    3. Tree Benches

    Tree benches have a semicircular or circular shape and wrap around the base of a tree trunk, creating a round seating area that is shady. For those who fancy benches and sitting in a shady location, these impressive benches can make an excellent option for you.


    The best spot for your bench is as a chosen having considered several things including the view you want while relaxing on your bench and how the bench will look when it’s placed in that spot. Many people prefer to have their benches placed at the end of the garden, facing back towards their house to give them an enjoyable and full view of the entire garden. This position prevents the bench from looking out of place.


    Matching a garden bench to a yard takes a little vision and planning. Space, weather condition, garden plan and intended use should all be considered.

    1. Color

    The color of your garden bench can be selected to match or contrast the colors of the surrounding outdoor furniture or the garden. Garden that has a lot of light colors might be best complemented by dark, pale wooden benches. Conversely, gardens with dark-colored furniture can be complemented by dark-stained wooden or cast-iron bench.

    2. Garden Bench Size

    After identifying the best spot for your garden bench, be sure to consider the measurements of the location. Make sure to include the projected growth of nearby trees and plants in the maximum height of their growth.

    3. Convenience And Coziness

    If the bench is intended primarily for occasional use and decorative purposes, the appearance should be paramount in the selection process. If, however, the bench is for regular use, then comfort and convenience should take precedent during the selection process.

    For added comfort, you can use cushions. However, they must not be pinned permanently as they are affected easily by adverse weather and also require occasional replacement and washing.

    Conveniences with a storage area of side-trays for refreshment might also be considered.

    4. Weather conditions

    Weather may dictate the material one chooses and therefore, its best to choose materials that can withstand temperature extremes. Some materials like wood are poor thermal conductors and are slower to heat up or cool down. Therefore, wooden benches make an ideal choice than aluminum and iron for extreme temperature.


    Garden benches are available in a variety of materials, from durable solid wood to purse-friendly plastic. Each has its unique benefits and cons.

    1. Wooden Garden Benches

    They bring a timeless and natural loom to your garden and complement your garden environment.

    The best thing with wooden benches is that they are comfortable, long-lasting, and introduce a traditional look that blends well into the garden. They don’t get as hot in the sunny days as other garden materials.

    Some of the most common softwood materials used includes:

    Cedar- This has red or white color and weathers well. It is insect resistant and is one of the most popular materials for making wooden benches. Benches made from cedar can last for close to two decades if treated as recommended.

    Redwood- It is reddish brown and experiences minimal shrinking and warping. They are durable and can last for longer if treated and refined well. They are resistant to insects and decay.

    Pine- Benches made from pine are less durable than those made from cedar and redwood. It needs sealers to give it a fine finishing. You can paint them to achieve your preferred color.

    Wooden benches are also made to endure all weather conditions, are stable in windy conditions and are easy to clean with water and simple soap.

    However, you’ll have to treat them regularly to keep them in good conditions especially if you leave them outside all the year long.

    2. Hardwood

    Garden benches made of hardwood are made from eucalyptus or acacia. Hardwoods have increased durability because of their high oil content. They require treatment at least once in a year to keep them in top conditions. Some of the hardwoods used for making garden benches include;

    Teak- this is a dense hardwood with fine grain. It’s known for its remarkable durability in adverse conditions. It’s dark-brown or golden and sometimes reddish. Benches made from Teak are extremely durable and virtually need no maintenance. Due to their massive demand, it has become expensive and a depleted natural resources. To avoid buying fake products, buy teak that is labeled “plantation grown”.

    Oak- This is a heavy and strong hardwood with a coarse texture, unique grain, and light color. It is not as durable as teak and calls for covering and sealing during adverse weather conditions.

    3. Cast Aluminum

    Garden benches made from cast aluminum are highly durable, lightweight and are resistant to corrosion and rust. It can be manipulated to take various decorative styles. They can last for an indefinite period. However, they need to be repainted every year.

    4. Cast Iron

    Garden benches made from cast iron are extremely heavy. They can be remolded into various decorative benches designs. They are extremely durable but are prone to rust. To prevent them from rusting, coat with rust-resistant powder to ensure maximum durability.

    5. Resin

    It’s made from recycled plastics. Benches made from resin are durable and lightweight. They can easily be contoured to be more comfortable. Benches made from the high-quality resin can last for an indefinite period and can withstand all weather conditions. They are easy to clean with water and soap.

    6. Concrete

    Garden benches made from concrete are extremely heavy and can be sculpted to introduce a classical accent to the garden. Most of the benches made from concrete are durable. Benches made from low-quality concrete might crack in extremely cold temperatures, and therefore, it’s advisable to check before purchase that it’s labeled “no maintenance required”.

    When choosing garden bench material, durability, appearance, and cost should be considered. It’s also advisable to choose a bench that will suit the local weather conditions.

    Sustainable Materials

    Those who want to buy environmental friendly materials should consider benches made from recycled aluminum, recycled plastic, or benches made from reclaimed wood or concrete. These are often comfortable, durable, and attractive.


    Wooden Benches

    Wooden benches should be treated as soon as you purchase them to increase their lifespan. Hardwoods such as acacia and teak are rich in natural oils, which act as preventive elements against decaying due to water. However, if you want to preserve the color of hardwood benches and prevent them from fading, you should treat it with protective oil or stain.

    Softwoods including cedar and pine must be protected regularly from water which can split them and UV rays which can weather them.

    Use oil to nourish and preserve your wooden furniture if you want them to have a more natural finish. The oil needs to be applied twice a year. Stains give the benches an opaque finish and deeper color that changes the appearance of your benches. With stain, you don’t have to reapply more often like oil as they give your furniture a greater level of protection.

    Metal Aluminum Furniture

    Garden benches made from aluminum metal furniture don’t rust. Consider the powder-coated range as they are scratch-resistant and waterproof. When cleaning use soapy water and smooth clothing.

    Cast Iron

    Look for benches that are powder-coated to protect them against rust. However, if you have a bench with no powder-coating, treat with an anti-rust solution.

    Plastic Furniture

    If you have benches made from plastic, use a pressure washer or pressure hose to get rid of any stubborn dirt that might be on the furniture. A leaf blower will clear fallen debris easily. You can also wipe plastic garden furniture with dampened cloth.


    Once you know the kind of garden benches that fit your garden, you can browse our wide selection of garden benches on the Life on Plum site to see which bench suits your budget. Choose them from the comfort of your home so that you can make a considerate decision.


    Garden benches add a decorative element to your garden as well enabling people to enjoy the garden spaces in tranquility and comfort. On Life on plum, you’ll get them in a wide range of designs and materials that suit your personal style and garden.

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  • Why Choose Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills?

    Posted on by Chad Harris

    Barbecuing is a popular cooking method, and many people enjoy this way of preparing food because of the smoky flavor it produces. Charcoal and gas are the two most predominant types of grills; however ceramic grills such as Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills provide an ideal alternative to the styles of grills mentioned above. Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills are egg-shaped, and their outer shell is made of high-fire ceramic that enables them to lock smoke and heat, thus cooking the food that is inside. This buying guide aims to enlighten consumers on the history of the ceramic grill, how they work, why you should choose them, the advantages of using them and the factors to consider when buying Primo grills. Also, we will advise you on where to get them at fair prices.

    Primo Grills



    People have been using clay vessels and pots to cook food for many generations. For instance, the Japanese use the egg-shaped clay pot when cooking rice. This device was called the Mushikamado and originally contained firebox for storing coal and a clay lid to trap in heat. During the 2nd World War when the U.S. servicemen arrived in Japan, they saw the device and decided to modify it to make it an effective grilling machine. The Mushikamado slowly started gaining popularity in the U.S and by 1960s; The Big Green Egg Company started making them and named them “Kamados”. Today, they have become a common tool for slow cooking and smoking meat. One of the best ceramic grills being the Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills.


    Together with the lid and ceramic shell, the Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grill has a bowl at the bottom that acts as the charcoal storage and a grate suspended over the charcoal which acts as the cooking surface. These Primo grills have two vents; one on top of the lid and the other one near the charcoal bowl. The vent at the bottom part allows air into the cooker, which is then released as smoke into the cooking surface/grate. The ceramic lid then traps moisture and heat, which is then released when the vent at the top is opened. 

    The Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills uses a simple principle; the more the air pass into the grip, the higher the temperature, and the vice versa. To control the temperature, you simply partially or fully open either or both vents. Primo ceramic grills make it possible to swiftly sear steaks in just minutes or slow-cook meats for several hours.


    Primo grills are the ideal outdoor Kamados smoker and cooker, and they come in different style with the oval design being the most predominant. What make these Primo grills the best Kamado style grills in the market today?

    1. They Are Made In The USA

    Each Primo grill is carefully and well-manufactured in the U.S.A. Most of other Kamado brands are manufactured abroad, but the Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills are homemade making them durable. You also have quick access to the spare parts or service if necessary. Primo make their grills with high-grade SuperCeramics that have been coated with scratch-resistant and lead-free porcelain glaze.

    2. It’s Ready To Use

    Primo grills come when they’re fully assembled; they are ready to use. They come with temperature gauge and hinge assembly, and all you'll need to do is add natural charcoal and start cooking. 

    3. Oval Design

    Most of the Kamado grills have a round shape; however, the Primo grills are oval shaped to give you more cooking room. The oval shape is perfect for whole brisket or a rack of baby back ribs.

    Temperature control- Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills are well-known for having a superior and effective temperature control. The cast-iron chimney cap and stainless steel bottom vent are used to control heat. Also, Primo grills retain moisture and heat efficiently. They also use natural charcoal, which is hotter and produces less ash.

    4. Reversible Cooking Grid

    The Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills have reversible cooking grids. The grids have two sections, which can be tossed over near the flame. This is a unique feature that is not present in other Kamados. You can use one part of the Kamado for searing and the other for finishing the food.

    5. Accessories

    Primo has diverse accessories such as drip pan racks, heat reflector plates, and extended cooking racks. The extended cooking racks increase the size of the cooking plate so that you can cook large groups at a go.

    6. Versatility

    A Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grill is among the most versatile outdoors cookers. You can use as an oven, roaster, grill, or smoker with slight adjustments to cooking configurations and airflow. You can cook chicken breasts and steaks over the coals or use the firebox divider to create two cooking zones with different temperature conditions; you can grill meat on one side while roasting vegetables and other tender foods on the indirect side. Use the heat deflector option for indirect cooking and turn the whole grill into a smoker or an oven for smoking meat or baking pizzas.


    There are many factors to consider when deciding the type of ceramic grill to purchase. However, there are general considerations such as size, design, accessories, usage, storage, cooking surface, and accessories.

    1. Charcoal Or Gas

    Just like gas vs. electric stoves in the kitchen, deciding between charcoal and gas grill depends on what you’re looking to get out of your grilling experience.

    Most people maintain that ceramic grills that use charcoal cook flavorful food because of the smoky taste from the natural coal. Gas grill users, on the other hand, maintain that their grills save time and buying a propane tank after several weeks instead of charcoal more regularly is more efficient. However, to make food made on gas grill flavorful, they use options such as “flavorizer” bars. 

    While cleaning and preparing a charcoal grill can be time-consuming, good quality grill such as Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills tends to heat up quicker.

    2. Size and Thickness

    The cooking surface determines the amount of food that can be cooked at a go. For instance, a 12-inch cooking surface will suit a small family while twice as big can accommodate close to 4 chickens. It’s essential to pick a Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grill that can accommodate enough food for whatever occasion you might have whether is large barbecue parties, or weekly family dinners.

    However, there’s no point of buying big ceramic grills if you’re only going to grill hot dogs and hamburgers a few times during the summer. There are smaller options available.

    It’s also important to check how thick the ceramic grill is. Thicker ceramics last longer and retain more moisture and heat.

    3. Design

    Grill enthusiast loves ceramic grills because they are available in wide range of design and colors. The exterior can be personalized to compose the design and color that you prefer. One of the most popular decorations is done with colorful mosaic tiles.

    4. Accessories

    Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grill comes with several accessories. For instance, a grill cart with wheels makes its movement and storage easy, and an inbuilt thermometer gives an accurate and actual reading of the grill temperature. Ceramic grill main purpose is to grill and slow cook, however, because of their versatility, they can be used for other purposes, for baking bread or pizza, baking plates or pizza stone are necessary so that the crust can be evenly cooked. For roasting, use heat deflectors as they use indirect heat. They produce crispy and golden brown skin on pork and chicken, while keeping the meat tender and moist.

    These accessories are for experienced grillers who are looking for more flexibility and latest grill technology. However, the add-ons and accessories should not sway you to purchase a low-quality grill. Always purchase something that offers solid performance and durable enough. There are grills on the market that don't come with many extras, but cook very well; for instance, the Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills are durable and offer excellent performance and are sold at reasonable cost.

    5. Storage Options

    This is an important consideration as you have to know what to do with the ceramic grill when you’re not using it. You can extend the life of your grill by storing and covering it properly during rainstorms. You can purchase a cover from a grill retailer or online.

    If you are in an area that experiences a lot of snow and rain, look for a grill with good handles and sturdy wheels for easy moving. Even after covering, it’s not a good idea to leave it outside in the snow or rain during the winter. Portable grills such as Primo Ceramic Kamado All-In-One can move around easily.


    Ceramic grills hold an upper hand over standard charcoal and gas grills: their quick warm up time, their versatility, durability and their ease of use among them.

    1. Precise Temperature Control

    This is one of the biggest advantages of the best ceramic grill like Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills. While other advantages might be hard to prove, this one here is clear, and it all comes down to how they are constructed; they're made of glazed porcelain ceramic, and the ceramic used is a top-notch material that is extremely efficient in retaining heat and moisture. For this reason, controlling temperature is easier and more precise than getting a charcoal kettle grill to such exact temperatures. In fact, it's quite impossible.

    Because of the efficiency of ceramic grills, you can dial the temperatures up and down almost as easily as an oven. Simple adjustment of vents will alter the airflow getting into the grill. More air means more heat and less air means lower temperatures. It’s easy to get the ceramic grills from hot searing levels to slow cooking levels (150-700 degrees).

    2. Versatility

    Because of the precise temperature control, one can be able to practically grill smoke or cook many things on a ceramic grill. For instance, you can sear a steak or cook pizza, cookies, and bread. On the other end of the spectrum, at low temperatures, one can slowly smoke or roast all kind of things, especially the tender ones. Most brands, such as Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grill have several optional add-ons that make cooking different items possible.

    3. Charcoal Efficiency

    Another major advantage of ceramic grills is that charcoal is used more efficiently, thanks to the grills innovative construction and heat retention ability. You don’t need to fill the charcoal reservoir to reach the same temperature, and moreover, your charcoal will burn for longer because no heat is being wasted. Even better, once you are through with the cooking, you can close all the vents and the charcoal will extinguish much quickly and you can use the same charcoal the next time you cook.

    4. Ease Of Use

    Everything in the ceramic grills has been made easy; from temperature control and igniting it to fitting the accessories easier. 

    5. Moisture Retention

    One of the major complaints raise by many people about grilled foods is that you can dry out or overcook your food, if you are not careful enough, making it less appealing and dry. While practice can help you avoid such scenarios; ceramic grills are quite good at retaining moisture way better than the metal grills.

    Therefore, all the succulent moisture in the food stays in your grills as it cooks, keeping it juicy and tender.

    6. No metal

    There are complaints that metal grills impart a metallic taste to food, especially those grills that are rusting or wearing out. It is a theoretical concern at the very least. However, ceramic grills do not impart any flavor to your food, allowing the wood smoke and ingredients to shine.

    7. Safety

    The thick ceramic used to make the grills withhold even the hottest of the coal temperatures effectively. However, the outside surface of the grill rarely gets extremely hot, even when cooking at high temperatures. This reduces the accidents that happen incase kids touch the grillers when you’re not around. 


    Once you have made up your mind on the size and type of ceramic grill to buy, the next thing is to decide where to buy. Since we have enlightened you about ceramic grills, why don't you allow us to advise you on where to buy them as well?

    Life on Plum is the ideal place to do your ceramic grills shopping. You’ll get a wide variety of Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills to choose from. Their brands never disappoint!

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  • Buyers Guide For Glazed Planters

    Posted on by Ashley Bel

    Planters open up a world of possibilities when it comes to home decorating and container gardening. For example, you can have planters in small yards that do not receive enough sunlight and transform them into beautiful island garden. You can also place them on windows seals or keep them in the kitchen to have beautiful flowerbed and herb gardens inside your home. Also, planters are great for ordinary gardens since they will improve water efficiency and give you more control when it comes to soil and seedling condition. With the glazed planters, you will appreciate what the grouping of urns and pedestals will do as a backyard focal point or border of low maintenance annuals. Our glazed planters buying guide offers all the information you need know while selecting the best planters for your home. The guide also gives you more on the glazed planters provided on Life on Plum website.

    Before devoting our time on the glazed planters offered at Life on, we would like to give you very information that you need to know about selecting the best planters.

    Select a good size planter

    It is important to know that the size and style of your planter will depend on your garden and the type of plant you want to use it for. Generally, a good size planter has the ability to hold a healthy amount of soil to allow room for the roots of the plant to grow. It is also important to consider the plant size when selecting the planter. Make sure that you should see more of the flowering plant than the planter. For this reason, you should select a container where the plant is about two times more visible than the actual pot.

    Consider the materials.

    There are various materials used to construct the planters. These include plastics, wood, metal, concrete and metallic. Wood and metal planter are affordable and easy to carry around because they do not break easily. The wood planter is porous thus allowing for more drainage thus the perfect choice for plants that need good drainage. However if you have plants that require a lot of water, the plastic and metal planters are the best choices.

    Keep the seasons in mind

    If you are looking for planters that you want to keep outdoors all year round, the wooden planters or concrete made planters are the best selection since they can stand up to the harsh conditions. The ceramic and terracotta planters are very pretty, but they tend to crack when it is extremely cold. You can keep them indoors during the winters and save them for winter.

    With that being said, we would like to look at some of the planters offered at life on

    Campania International Malibu Glazed Planter Collection Set of 8

    This planter set consists of eight crisp clean-glazed planter that you can use in your kitchen or outdoors decks and patios. With these planters, you can plant your favorite succulent or herbs and place them on your favorite outdoor table on the window seal. The planters measures about five inch in diameter and has a height of about five and a quarter inches. The set weighs about ten pounds and includes two of each colors of the mix Malibu glaze. In addition, the eight containers have drain holes to allow good drainage that is a requirement for the plants to grow well. After ordering the set, it will be shipped free in about 10 to 14 days. The cost of this set is $149.99.

    Campania International Anabelle Glazed Planter Set of 6

    If you would love, something that is more International Anabelle Glazed Planter Set of six is the perfect choice for you. These planters measures about six inches wide by six inches tall. They are available in various Anabelle planter linen colors such as white, Moss, Sage, Espresso, Cream and Sky. To ensure they retain their highest quality, the planter is fired to 1000 degrees centigrade to ensure that they are durable and can withstand the harshest weather conditions. To add more authenticity and beauty to your home, office or patios, each pot has an additional saucer attached

    Campania International Lauren Planter Set of 6

    For individuals looking for a planter collection that is perfect for decorating the interior of their homes and offices, the Lauren planter set of six is the perfect selection. Each of these pots comes attached with a saucer that is designed to suit any room in your office and home. The set cost $154.99 and measures about 6.3 inches in diameter by 6.5 inches tall.

    Campania International Ipanema Square Planter Set of Three in Ice Black

    Do you want something that is unique yet extra ordinary beautiful? If this is the case, you should consider purchasing International Ipanema Square Planter Set of Three in Ice Black. The set is from the renowned terra cotta and are fired to 1000 degrees centigrade for the highest quality glazed planters. This set is also ideal for those people who are looking for bigger planters that can hold a number of plants. The largest container is 17.75 inches wide by 15.75 inches tall, the medium container measures 13.75 inches wide by 19.25 with the smallest container measuring about 9.75 inches wide by 9 inches tall. The set is offered at a price of 549.99 dollars.

    Campania International Malibu Glazed Planter Collection Set of 24

    Do you want a numbers of glazed planters available in different colors but in the same design. This collection is perfect for someone who wants to decorate a large area or put the planters in a different location in a home or an office. You can place these beautiful planters on window seals, kitchen, outdoor tables and any room in your offices. The planters come in three sets that have a different measurement. The largest planter measures 6.75 inches wide by 6.25 inches, the medium, sized containers measures about 6.0inches wide by 5.25 inches tall and the smallest planters measuring 5.25 inches in diameter by 4.75 inches tall. The collections come with two sets of three colors each of the mix Malibu glaze.

    Campania International Audrey Planter Set of 6

    The Audrey planter set of six set is a perfect selection for individuals who are looking for interior pots for their offices as well as homes. You can place these pots anywhere in your home such as on the windows seals as well as in the kitchen. There is no limitation to what you can plant in these pots be it flowers, herbs or any other plant. Each planter has a drainage hole and is available in Espresso, Moss, Sky, Cream, Sage and white colors. The containers dimensions are 6.3 inches by 6 inches tall.

    Campania International Cola Garden Terrace Set of 3

    The Cola Garden Terrace Set of three is one of the beautiful planter glazed s offered at life on The set is ideal for indoor areas in your home and offices. They come in three dimensions, 7 inches wide by six inches tall, six inches wide by six inches tall and 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall. Just like the most glazed planters manufactured by Campania International, they are fired to 1000 degrees centigrade to come with the most durable planters available in the market. After ordering the set, it will be shipped free, and you can receive it in 10 to 14 days. 

    Campania International Costa Planter Set of Three in Terra Nova

    Do you have a large deck or patio you want to decorate with your favorite succulent flowers or have a large kitchen you want to beautify with an assortment of herbs? If this is the case, you should consider getting the Costa Planter Set of Three in Terra Nova. The set is 19 inches long and stand about four inches tall. To enhance its look, the set come with matching saucer that is designed to suit any location. You can also use this set to decorate the outdoor by placing it on your favorite outdoor table.

    Campania International Daisy Planter Set of 2

    If you love having flowers in your decks, patios or on your windows inside your home or office, consider the Daisy Planter Set of two. At a cost of only $114.99, you can beautify your decks and indoors of your home using this beautiful planter. You can plant any flowers or herbs you lover. The set comes with two containers that measure about 12.2 inches wide by 6.7 inches tall and the other measuring 8.6 inches wide by 4.75 inches tall. The set is also constructed using high-quality materials and it is fired to 1000 degrees centigrade to ensure durability.

    Campania International Earth Bowl Set of Three in Clay

    Do you love Earth bowl surrounding your indoors as well as patios and deck with beautiful flowers blooming all year round. If this is the case, you have come to the right place. Life on offers the highest quality Earth Bowl Set of Three in Clay from Campania International. The sets cost only 174.99dollars and come in three sizes giving you several options to select to suit your needs. The size options help you to select the set that will fit in the area you want to place and also help you to plant any plant material you wish. The largest bowl measures 15 inches wide by 6 inches tall the medium measuring 12.25 inches wide by 5 inches tall while the small earth bowl measures 9.75 inches tall.

    Campania International Earth Square Planter Set of Three in Clay

    If you are looking for the perfect size and shape of planter sets for your patio or table planter for your garden or home, the Earth Square Planter Set of Three in Clay is the best choice for you. This is one of the terra cotta product that has a natural finish to give it a natural appearance. The set comes in different sizes allowing you to have several options to select your plant material as well as space. The largest planter measures about 9 inches wide by 4.25 inches tall, medium planter measuring 7.5 inches wide by 3 inches tall while the small planter measures 5.5 inches wide by 2.25 inches wide. The set cost $174.99, shipped free and you can expect to get it in 10 to 14 days after ordering.

    Campania International Earth Bowl Set of Three in Sand

    If you are concerned about the quality of products offered at life on plum. Com, you should feel relaxed since all the planter offered are from Campania International, one of the most renown company in the world for producing the best indoor and outdoor decorations. The Earth Bowl Set of Three in Sand is one of such quality products that are great for table or patio planter for your home or garden. The glazed planter comes in three sizes measuring 15 inches wide by 6 inches high, 12.25 inches wide by 5inches tall as well as 9.75 inches in diameter by 3.5 inches tall. 

    Campania International Fire Red Garden Terrace Set of 3

    Everyone loves their home to have an impressive look be it in the kitchen, decks, and patios. However, not everyone knows how to decorate these areas. If you are looking for one of the most beautiful set of glazed planter, the Campania International Fire Red Garden Terrace Set of 3 is the ideal selection. Each glazed planter comes attached with a beautiful saucer that is designed to suit any room in your home and office. The set cost $174.99 and has three planters in different dimensions to allow you to plant your preferred plant materials.

    Campania International Lattice Basket in Linen Cream

    The Lattice Basket in Linen Cream will be your favorite if you are looking for glazed planters to accentuate the stunning variety of flower and vegetation in your garden. For the highest quality, the basket is fired to 1000 degrees centigrade; this will also improve the durability. The basket measures 14 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall

    Campania International Boho Checkered Planter - Set of 8

    Lastly, we have the Boho Checkered Planter - Set of 8. This set was design to match any interior décor from your kitchen, living room, guest room, patio or the study. You can plant flowers to decorate the guest bathroom, or plant herbs in the kitchen. The set comes in some colors such as Boho Purple, Boho Green, Boho Grey, Boho White, which compliment any room color. The set costs $169.99 and the containers measures 5 inches in diameter by 5.25 inches tall.

    There are many reasons why you need to consider purchasing glazed planters from First, you will find any glazed planters that you are looking for at an affordable price. Secondly, all the glazed planters are from Campania International, one of the renowned company for producing the best planters. Another reason is that all these planters are available in different sizes and colors to suit your needs. It is also important to note that once you have ordered the planters, they will be shipped free, and you can receive them in 10 to 14 days! Also, if you receive a defective item you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Note, we have note listed all the glazed planters available on life on Plum website, click here  to get more glazed planters to suit your needs.

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