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Estate fountains are an excellent way to enhance your dull outdoor area and make it seem like a garden oasis. They can provide that one aspect or centerpiece you’ve lacked in your estate entrance. Fortunately for you, there are fountains designs differentiated by factors such as color, material, style, and price. Here is the Life on Plum estate fountain buying guide that we’ve compiled to help you decide on the ideal water feature that will fit your estate yard or entrance. 

What Are The Common Parts On A Typical Estate Fountain?

Basin/Water Reservoir
  • This holds water and the fountain pump. It can be manually filled or automated when the water level falls below a certain level.
Fountain Pump
  • This feature moves water from the basin or reservoir up to the water distribution.
Water distribution
  • It releases water allowing it to flow back evenly down the estate fountain.
  • These refer to the different levels water passes while flowing down the fountain. Examples of such include Campania International Parisienne One Tier Fountain and Campania International Williamsburg Pineapple 2 Tier.

Water Tubing
  • It connects the fountain pump to the water distribution.
  • This is the exterior color of the fountain and is usually stained or painted.

What Are The Various Types Of Estate Fountains?

There are many types of estate fountains. Here is a list of the common type and a brief description to help you know the ideal water fountain for your estate.

Animal Fountains

Animal fountains are an excellent choice for the lovers of nature. Water flows out of their mouths (Spit). These estate fountains are typically designed on a smaller scale than other outdoor fountains. However, we at Life on Plum can customize it for you to fit your size preference.

Bubbling Fountains

Bubbling fountains have one of the simplest designs. Water is pumped to the water distribution point with enough pressure to cause bubbling over the tiers and the top of the hole. However, you can make the water reach higher by adding more pressure; but this will come at the expense of bubbles.

Bronze Fountains

They are the most common fountains and can be made into any shape. Most of the bronze fountains resemble a stature, but since it's metal, it can be made into any shape or form. These estate fountains sparkle as long as they’re cleaned properly.

Contemporary fountains

Contemporary fountains are often a mix of many types of outdoor fountains. Most are designed with a modern and fashionable approach. It just depends on your preference and what you want your landscape to look and feel like. Again, outdoors fountains in other categories may also be designed in a contemporary way.

Floating fountains

Floating estate fountains create an impact on your landscape by becoming the focal points. This is because they provoke curiosity. They are designed in a way that the heavy natural stone is made to float on water. The water pressure makes the ring or the sphere rotate, creating an amazing outdoor fountain.

Pedestal Fountains

These fountains incorporate a pedestal and stone support structure. Floating spheres, statures, finials, bubblers, or rocks can be placed on top of the pedestal.

Waterfall fountains

They take a cascading design with multiple levels that create soothing sounds. The water makes noise when traveling through each level, making this fountain ideal for estates that want to mask background noise from neighbors or road. The water noise creates a soothing and relaxing effect.

Lighted Fountains

These fountains come with an in-built light, including LEDs that are long lasting. A lighted fountain gives an outdoor setting extra oomph at night.


Tiered Fountains have multiple tiers (levels) of water cascading down from them. Most fountains of this type have two or three tiers.

Standing floor fountains

These freestanding and versatile designs can be used to create a striking visual statement at an estate entrance. The sound and sight of water movement will transform the estate entrance and make it appealing.

Choosing the location of fountain placement 

Estate fountains can be placed in virtually any location. Use the following tips to find an ideal place for yours.

  • Safety:If you want to prevent children from playing with it, place it in a location that's out of reach.
  • High Visibility:Choose a location that is well visible to allow you and your visitors enjoy its serene beauty.
  • Sound Level:Place your fountain at an appropriate distance from the people, as the noise can be overbearing if put too close to the living area.
  • Focal point:Place your estate fountain in a location where other objects won't outshine it.
  • Water Source:Place your fountain near the water source so as to make the refilling work easier once it evaporates.
  • Power supply:Choose a spot that has a power supply near the fountain's location.

Choosing the materials for estate fountains 

Because the estate fountains are used in the natural setting, it makes sense for these fountains to be built of natural materials. However, most of the natural materials don't withstand the sun, the wind, constant moisture, and heat. While some are made of metal, ceramic, or copper- all fine materials, many are made of highly resilient and durable material of fiberglass, resin, and cast stone. These materials can be made to resemble natural materials. Although more fragile, they’re tough to break, withstand all weather conditions, and are lightweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I often clean my fountain? - It’s important to sporadically empty your fountain of water and clean the filter, water distribution system, and the filter.
  • How do I reduce vibration and noise in my fountain? - Always ensure that the water is at the recommended level to ensure that the fountain pump doesn’t cause a lot of vibration and noise.
  • How to prevent odor- this can become a problem, especially with outdoor fountains, if you fail to take the necessary steps to prevent the build-up of the algae. Add an anti-algae solution to the fountain water at the reservoir to counter algae build up.
  • How to prevent white spots- consider using distilled water over the tap water as it's easier on the pump and prevent the buildup of white spots. Check products that clean the white spots as well.
  • How to create air bubbles- ensure that the level of the fountain pump is at the appropriate point and that it’s fully submerged

Where to buy stylish, striking, and beautiful fountains- to find an ideal fountain for your location is quite challenging, but here on Life on Plum have compiled some of the best fountains for you. Explore our large selection such as Campania International Estate Longvue Fountain, Campania International Williamsburg Pineapple, etc.

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