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Barbecuing is a popular cooking method, and many people enjoy this way of preparing food because of the smoky flavor it produces. Charcoal and gas are the two most predominant types of grills; however ceramic grills such as Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills provide an ideal alternative to the styles of grills mentioned above. Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills are egg-shaped, and their outer shell is made of high-fire ceramic that enables them to lock smoke and heat, thus cooking the food that is inside. This buying guide aims to enlighten consumers on the history of the ceramic grill, how they work, why you should choose them, the advantages of using them and the factors to consider when buying Primo grills. Also, we will advise you on where to get them at fair prices.

Primo Grills



People have been using clay vessels and pots to cook food for many generations. For instance, the Japanese use the egg-shaped clay pot when cooking rice. This device was called the Mushikamado and originally contained firebox for storing coal and a clay lid to trap in heat. During the 2nd World War when the U.S. servicemen arrived in Japan, they saw the device and decided to modify it to make it an effective grilling machine. The Mushikamado slowly started gaining popularity in the U.S and by 1960s; The Big Green Egg Company started making them and named them “Kamados”. Today, they have become a common tool for slow cooking and smoking meat. One of the best ceramic grills being the Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills.


Together with the lid and ceramic shell, the Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grill has a bowl at the bottom that acts as the charcoal storage and a grate suspended over the charcoal which acts as the cooking surface. These Primo grills have two vents; one on top of the lid and the other one near the charcoal bowl. The vent at the bottom part allows air into the cooker, which is then released as smoke into the cooking surface/grate. The ceramic lid then traps moisture and heat, which is then released when the vent at the top is opened. 

The Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills uses a simple principle; the more the air pass into the grip, the higher the temperature, and the vice versa. To control the temperature, you simply partially or fully open either or both vents. Primo ceramic grills make it possible to swiftly sear steaks in just minutes or slow-cook meats for several hours.


Primo grills are the ideal outdoor Kamados smoker and cooker, and they come in different style with the oval design being the most predominant. What make these Primo grills the best Kamado style grills in the market today?

1. They Are Made In The USA

Each Primo grill is carefully and well-manufactured in the U.S.A. Most of other Kamado brands are manufactured abroad, but the Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills are homemade making them durable. You also have quick access to the spare parts or service if necessary. Primo make their grills with high-grade SuperCeramics that have been coated with scratch-resistant and lead-free porcelain glaze.

2. It’s Ready To Use

Primo grills come when they’re fully assembled; they are ready to use. They come with temperature gauge and hinge assembly, and all you'll need to do is add natural charcoal and start cooking. 

3. Oval Design

Most of the Kamado grills have a round shape; however, the Primo grills are oval shaped to give you more cooking room. The oval shape is perfect for whole brisket or a rack of baby back ribs.

Temperature control- Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills are well-known for having a superior and effective temperature control. The cast-iron chimney cap and stainless steel bottom vent are used to control heat. Also, Primo grills retain moisture and heat efficiently. They also use natural charcoal, which is hotter and produces less ash.

4. Reversible Cooking Grid

The Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills have reversible cooking grids. The grids have two sections, which can be tossed over near the flame. This is a unique feature that is not present in other Kamados. You can use one part of the Kamado for searing and the other for finishing the food.

5. Accessories

Primo has diverse accessories such as drip pan racks, heat reflector plates, and extended cooking racks. The extended cooking racks increase the size of the cooking plate so that you can cook large groups at a go.

6. Versatility

A Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grill is among the most versatile outdoors cookers. You can use as an oven, roaster, grill, or smoker with slight adjustments to cooking configurations and airflow. You can cook chicken breasts and steaks over the coals or use the firebox divider to create two cooking zones with different temperature conditions; you can grill meat on one side while roasting vegetables and other tender foods on the indirect side. Use the heat deflector option for indirect cooking and turn the whole grill into a smoker or an oven for smoking meat or baking pizzas.


There are many factors to consider when deciding the type of ceramic grill to purchase. However, there are general considerations such as size, design, accessories, usage, storage, cooking surface, and accessories.

1. Charcoal Or Gas

Just like gas vs. electric stoves in the kitchen, deciding between charcoal and gas grill depends on what you’re looking to get out of your grilling experience.

Most people maintain that ceramic grills that use charcoal cook flavorful food because of the smoky taste from the natural coal. Gas grill users, on the other hand, maintain that their grills save time and buying a propane tank after several weeks instead of charcoal more regularly is more efficient. However, to make food made on gas grill flavorful, they use options such as “flavorizer” bars. 

While cleaning and preparing a charcoal grill can be time-consuming, good quality grill such as Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills tends to heat up quicker.

2. Size and Thickness

The cooking surface determines the amount of food that can be cooked at a go. For instance, a 12-inch cooking surface will suit a small family while twice as big can accommodate close to 4 chickens. It’s essential to pick a Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grill that can accommodate enough food for whatever occasion you might have whether is large barbecue parties, or weekly family dinners.

However, there’s no point of buying big ceramic grills if you’re only going to grill hot dogs and hamburgers a few times during the summer. There are smaller options available.

It’s also important to check how thick the ceramic grill is. Thicker ceramics last longer and retain more moisture and heat.

3. Design

Grill enthusiast loves ceramic grills because they are available in wide range of design and colors. The exterior can be personalized to compose the design and color that you prefer. One of the most popular decorations is done with colorful mosaic tiles.

4. Accessories

Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grill comes with several accessories. For instance, a grill cart with wheels makes its movement and storage easy, and an inbuilt thermometer gives an accurate and actual reading of the grill temperature. Ceramic grill main purpose is to grill and slow cook, however, because of their versatility, they can be used for other purposes, for baking bread or pizza, baking plates or pizza stone are necessary so that the crust can be evenly cooked. For roasting, use heat deflectors as they use indirect heat. They produce crispy and golden brown skin on pork and chicken, while keeping the meat tender and moist.

These accessories are for experienced grillers who are looking for more flexibility and latest grill technology. However, the add-ons and accessories should not sway you to purchase a low-quality grill. Always purchase something that offers solid performance and durable enough. There are grills on the market that don't come with many extras, but cook very well; for instance, the Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills are durable and offer excellent performance and are sold at reasonable cost.

5. Storage Options

This is an important consideration as you have to know what to do with the ceramic grill when you’re not using it. You can extend the life of your grill by storing and covering it properly during rainstorms. You can purchase a cover from a grill retailer or online.

If you are in an area that experiences a lot of snow and rain, look for a grill with good handles and sturdy wheels for easy moving. Even after covering, it’s not a good idea to leave it outside in the snow or rain during the winter. Portable grills such as Primo Ceramic Kamado All-In-One can move around easily.


Ceramic grills hold an upper hand over standard charcoal and gas grills: their quick warm up time, their versatility, durability and their ease of use among them.

1. Precise Temperature Control

This is one of the biggest advantages of the best ceramic grill like Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills. While other advantages might be hard to prove, this one here is clear, and it all comes down to how they are constructed; they're made of glazed porcelain ceramic, and the ceramic used is a top-notch material that is extremely efficient in retaining heat and moisture. For this reason, controlling temperature is easier and more precise than getting a charcoal kettle grill to such exact temperatures. In fact, it's quite impossible.

Because of the efficiency of ceramic grills, you can dial the temperatures up and down almost as easily as an oven. Simple adjustment of vents will alter the airflow getting into the grill. More air means more heat and less air means lower temperatures. It’s easy to get the ceramic grills from hot searing levels to slow cooking levels (150-700 degrees).

2. Versatility

Because of the precise temperature control, one can be able to practically grill smoke or cook many things on a ceramic grill. For instance, you can sear a steak or cook pizza, cookies, and bread. On the other end of the spectrum, at low temperatures, one can slowly smoke or roast all kind of things, especially the tender ones. Most brands, such as Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grill have several optional add-ons that make cooking different items possible.

3. Charcoal Efficiency

Another major advantage of ceramic grills is that charcoal is used more efficiently, thanks to the grills innovative construction and heat retention ability. You don’t need to fill the charcoal reservoir to reach the same temperature, and moreover, your charcoal will burn for longer because no heat is being wasted. Even better, once you are through with the cooking, you can close all the vents and the charcoal will extinguish much quickly and you can use the same charcoal the next time you cook.

4. Ease Of Use

Everything in the ceramic grills has been made easy; from temperature control and igniting it to fitting the accessories easier. 

5. Moisture Retention

One of the major complaints raise by many people about grilled foods is that you can dry out or overcook your food, if you are not careful enough, making it less appealing and dry. While practice can help you avoid such scenarios; ceramic grills are quite good at retaining moisture way better than the metal grills.

Therefore, all the succulent moisture in the food stays in your grills as it cooks, keeping it juicy and tender.

6. No metal

There are complaints that metal grills impart a metallic taste to food, especially those grills that are rusting or wearing out. It is a theoretical concern at the very least. However, ceramic grills do not impart any flavor to your food, allowing the wood smoke and ingredients to shine.

7. Safety

The thick ceramic used to make the grills withhold even the hottest of the coal temperatures effectively. However, the outside surface of the grill rarely gets extremely hot, even when cooking at high temperatures. This reduces the accidents that happen incase kids touch the grillers when you’re not around. 


Once you have made up your mind on the size and type of ceramic grill to buy, the next thing is to decide where to buy. Since we have enlightened you about ceramic grills, why don't you allow us to advise you on where to buy them as well?

Life on Plum is the ideal place to do your ceramic grills shopping. You’ll get a wide variety of Primo Ceramic Outdoor Grills to choose from. Their brands never disappoint!

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