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Laying personalized doormats outsides a homes entrance serves as a friendly and decorative welcome to visitors. Personalized doormats send a warm and cordial message to visitors besides serving a functional purpose of trapping debris, dirt, and moisture. In effect, they keep these substances away from indoors floor or carpet. Therefore, having a doormat at every entry of the house or home is a better way to cut down on vacuuming and sweeping.

Personalized Coir Doormat with Monogram

With different designs and colors, shopping for a doormat can be a little confusing for buyers, and you might even end up lacking the doormat of your choice. That’s why it’s best to opt for a personalized doormat as it will fulfill all your needs regarding materials, size, shape, color, pattern and other considerations. Here is what you need to know before buying personalized doormats:


Whoever coined the phrase "being treated like a doormat" didn’t know the usefulness of the front doormat. Doormats are incredibly useful for the following reasons;

1. Trapping dirt and moisture- Doormats helps to clean up nearly 85% of the moisture and dirt that enters a home or building. This saves you the cost of having to sweep, mop or vacuum. The scrapping surface of the mat traps the dirt making your cleaning work easy.

2. Improves indoor air quality- all the debris and dirt that makes its way to the indoor floor and consequently end up polluting the air inside the house. Though allergens like mold spore and pollen might not be visible to the naked eye, they are certainly on the soles of the shoes considering all the areas we travel on foot. As aforementioned, doormats reduce contaminants, moisture, and dirt that hop aboard the soles of the shoes for free board and room in your home. The mat traps pollutants leaving the air in the room fresh and clean.

3. They reduce the possibility of falling- chances of falling or slipping increases greatly when either the shoes or floor is wet. Moisture reduces the gripping ability of the shoe leaving you vulnerable to slipping. Wiping your shoes on entrance mat reduces the possibility of slipping as moisture will be collected by the mat.

So, don’t underestimate the importance of a mat. It’s a very crucial component in the house. Choose mats that can scrap and those that are durable. You can get durable ones on Life on Plum. In fact, it’s good to personalize yours so that it appears unique and takes up the design you prefers.


1. Scraper Mats

These are placed at the entrance of the home and act as the first line of defense to keep moisture and dirt from getting indoors. It's an outdoor mat. They are quite abrasive and have edges that rub against the soles of the shoes. The mats can be designed to hide dirt inside so that they appear cleaner for longer periods. You can customize yours to have a welcome message or your name written on it.

2. Interior Mats

These are in the second line of defense and supplement the scraper mats. Interior mats should be placed at the house entrance to catch dirt, water, and dirt particles. Make sure that these mats don’t have a slipping backing such as rubber as that can cause slipping. You can also put it in the ideal place by using non-slip tape. Many interior mats have scraper qualities but aren’t as rough as their scraper mats. Interior mats can also be personalized to have a unique design and color that matches the interior.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Mats

These can be personalized as well. However, they should have good absorption and scraping abilities. Even if you get a mat that can work as both indoor and outdoor mat, it’s still important to place two mats before entering the house.

4. Decorative Mats

These mats tend to be attractive and are not necessary designed to catch dirt or dust. Check the mat’s material and absorbency to make sure that it’s durable enough. Here at Life on Plum, we offer that service. We personalize them for you so that your mat will look exactly the way you wanted it to be.


1. Purpose

Decide where the mat is going to be placed. If you intend to use it to absorb dirt and moisture, the mat needs to have good scraping ability. If it's going to be an indoor mat, make sure it has a non-slippery base.

2. Size Matters

Choose a mat with an ideal size for the available space. If the mat is too small, people will walk straight without wiping both feet; one foot will step on the mat while the other one will be landing on the other side of the mat. A large mat inside the house is perfect for people who need a gentle reminder that they’re supposed to remove their shoes. By placing shoes alongside the mat will send the message to them clearly.

You can place the mat in a portrait manner rather than landscape position to ensure that both feet come into contact with the mat. Ideally, a door mat should take about 80% of the doorway width.

3. Its Thickness

Some doormats might be too thick, which can keep the door from closing. They can also create uneven floor leading to unintended falls and slips for people who are not paying attention.

4. Consider Customized Mats

You can order your fully customized mat that has a message or company logo written nicely on them. They will offer low-cost advertising solution. They will be effective in getting your message or brand recognized by the public. You don’t need to pay a fortune to have several personalized mats made as here at Life on Plum will do that at cost effective way. Customized mats also raise your brand awareness, and customers will easily recall a logo that was emblazoned on the doormat.

5. Beware of Fading

Outdoor mats might need to be replaced more frequently as the sun makes them fade. Similarly, mats placed on carpeted or hardwood flooring can create uneven fades. Therefore, make sure to alter the locations after some time.

When buying any doormat, make sure you know the purpose you intend to fulfill, and the message you might need to pass through.


Doormats range from designer to designer and can be found on several online sites. Life on Plum has been a reliable site where one can get customized and personalized mat. Order yours today.

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