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Campania International Color Swatch Updates 2016

Do you ever find yourself having a difficult time trying to explain what colors look like and how they will work together? Our cast stone and GFRC products are available in 11 different patinas and natural cast stone. We've compiled our best descriptions of these options below to aid you in your design and consultation process.


Alipne Stone has a rich slate feel that was inspired by the stone that can be found in the foothills of the Italian Alps. It looks especially wonderful on rustic pieces.


Greystone provides a natural looking finish that simulates the look of aged stone.


Verde s a subtle, mossy green. This patina is closest to mimicking limestone.


Copper Bronze was designed to simulate the look of an aged oxidized copper. This patina can range from bright oxidized copper greens to highlighted browns.


English Moss is the greenest of all our patinas. It is a vibrant spring green that looks similar to natural moss.


Aged Limestone is an antiqued brown with mossy green highlights. It’s almost dripping appearance provides a natural antiqued look that we typically suggest textured or detailed items be stained in.


Brownstone is a warm chocolate brown color. It is perfect if you want to create a natural, earthy appearance.


Travertine is a soft honey color inspired by Roman travertine. It has a natural, soft appearance.


 Pietra Vecchia is a combination of browns and greens and imitates the look of weathered stone.


Ferro Rustico is the boldest patina we offer. It was designed to mimic the appearance of rusty iron.


Terra Nera is the darkest patina. It is a very rich, dark earth stain that is a beautiful combination of blacks & browns.


 Natural is unstained. It is our concrete directly out of the mold. This color is light grey and will naturally age.

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