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Topiary is a popular and old kind of living sculpture. It is the art of growing thick, leafy plants and pruning them into a specific form to come up with a three-dimensional object. There are a lot of meaningful decorations that can be made out of this amazing sculpture. This is why a lot of homeowners are so hooked in decorating their homes with various kinds of topiaries. If you are interested to know more about these products, here are some of them:

Ivy Ball Topiaries

'Ivy ball' topiaries are made up of classic elements. So if you want to make the look of your home more sophisticated, then decorate it with these gorgeous topiaries. It will surely create an enduring style in your daily life. These topiaries are ideal gifts for family, friends and even for teachers. They will surely love the ensemble of these plants; add the fact that these serve as high-quality indoor plants. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes. What is great also is that you can have them delivered to loved ones to maintain its freshness. 'Ivy ball' topiaries are excellent decorative pieces to all types of home because of their pretty, green leaves. Some of the products that are made out of this kind of topiary are 'Ivy Ball' in Clay Pot, 'Ivy Ball' and Cone 10, and 'Ivy Ball' on a Stem.

'Ivy Ball' and Cone 10 provides a distinct look to your interior home décor. It stands 48 inches tall with a diameter of 10 inches. It can fit majority of round planters. 'Ivy Ball' in Clay Pot, on the other hand, is a bestseller when it comes to a gift choice for a loved one. It can also be an ideal decoration in any special spot in your home. It stands 15 inches tall in a 4.5-inch clay pot. Customers find it cute. You can also try the 'Ivy Ball' on a Stem. Its size is just right, standing at 38.5 inches tall. It can also fit a majority of square planters.

Ivy Wreath Topiaries

If you want to add special decorative pieces to your back or front door during a special occasion, or you just want to have that festive feeling every single day, Ivy wreath topiaries are ideal for you and your home. You can adjust the colors of your ivy wreath topiaries as the season changes. For the holiday season, you can choose red or silver; and ordinary colors during a non-holiday season. You can hang it inside your home instead of using an evergreen wreath. Placing it above a mirror or over a doorway is a wonderful idea to create a fantastic effect of green freshness. Among the products that you can choose from wide selections of ivy, wreath topiaries are Ivy Wreath Small, Ivy Wreath Large, as well as Boxwood Wreath Round with Ribbon. 

Ivy Wreath Small can be used as a lovely centerpiece and a door decoration. This Ivy Wreath Topiary has a diameter of 13 inches. It is also ideal for double doors that can be displayed side by side. Ivy Wreath Large has a diameter of 17 inches. It has many uses such as serving as a door decoration, lovely centerpiece, and as dining room table accent. It is grown on a protected mossed wire frame. It is recommended to submerge this ivy wreath in a tub of water with room temperature. You can also choose Boxwood Wreath Round with Ribbon to add that special touch to any special occasion. It measures 8 inches and is very ideal for dinner parties. You can hang it in pairs for three from the mantle. You can also place it in the powder room if you wish. Remember that this ivy wreath topiary is for indoor use only.

Ivy Cone Topiaries

Ivy Cone Topiaries are specially created as Christmas decorations. You can make a small Christmas tree using a cone-shaped ivy topiary, and you can just style it the way you style the usual Christmas tree. You can place some strands of white Christmas lights to lighten up your Ivy cone-inspired Christmas tree. You can also make a wonderful table top decoration by adding miniature sized ornaments with a ribbon on it. You can find Ivy cone in various shapes and sizes. They also make amazing centerpieces that can easily add that special effect to any special occasion.

These topiaries can also be used during ordinary days when you just want to add some green, fresh elements to your home. Ivy cone topiaries are also ideal gifts to your family and friends. You can ship these wonderful decorations to loved ones at any time of the year. You can choose from a wide variety of Ivy Cone Topiaries products. These include 'Ivy Ball' and Cone, Ivy Rustica Slender Teardrop, and 'Ivy Rustica' Spiral Gallon.

'Ivy Ball' and Cone stands 48 inches tall with a diameter of 10 inches. It promises to bring a distinct look to your interior home décor. It also fits a majority of round planters. Your indoor plants can rocked with the use of this ivy cone topiary. Ivy Rustica Slender Teardrop Topiary that comes in 8 growers pot is the ideal shape if you are decorating with the use of special ornaments. 'Ivy Rustica' Spiral Gallon, meanwhile, is a type of ivy cone topiary that comes in shapely curves. Standing at 68 inches with a diameter of 14 inches, this topiary will surely be a delight at anyone's home.

Ivy Topiary Care

To maintain the freshness and form of topiaries, you must follow the proper type of care for your topiaries. Shade or filtered sun is preferred. Make sure to water your topiaries regularly to make them healthy and beautiful all the time. It is important not to allow your topiaries to be completely dry. Do not allow it to sit in water for too long. To retain its shape, do not forget to trim new growth. Cool conditions are still recommended; but during winter, it is perfect to place it in an unheated room.


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