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Choosing The Right Patio Umbrella

By Ashton Harris April 06, 2016 0 comments

When summer heat surfs hit, everyone starts beseeching for shade. Instead of forcing lazy afternoons and family dinners indoors, outfit your deck, patio or garden with an umbrella. This simple item can make the outdoor space more comfortable and attractive. Different patio umbrellas suit different backyards or patios. Here are the three standard types of patio umbrellas you can choose for your home or patio. 

7ft Commercial Umbrella by Treasure Garden

Standard Pole Patio Umbrella

These are the most common patio umbrellas. They have a long pole that stands alone with the help of a strong umbrella base or slides into the patio table. They’re normally used for commercial use, but there are inexpensive models for residential use.

Five of the best Standard pole patio umbrellas include:

  • Treasure Garden 9ft Commercial Umbrella- covers 64 sq. ft. and features a push-up lift to enable safe opening and closing of its canopy.
  • Treasure Garden 9ft Wooden Umbrella - covers 67 sq. ft. and does not have a protective cover or base.
  • Treasure Garden Aluminum Crank Lift Umbrella- has coverage of 88 sq. ft. and has a rectangular canopy.
  • Treasure Garden 7.5ft Commercial Umbrella -covers 44 sq. ft. and features a push-up lift.
  • Treasure Garden 10ft x 13ft Easy Track Umbrella- covers 130 sq. ft and has a knob for ease of opening and closing.
Cantilever Patio Umbrella

A cantilever patio umbrella has a stand on one side and a canopy that hangs on the other side of the umbrella. They can either be large, strong canopies that have been built to withstand rain and the wind or small, portable umbrellas that fold down with little effort.

Five of the best cantilever patio umbrellas under $2000 include:
  • Treasure Garden 10ft Cantilever Square Umbrella -covers 100 sq. ft. of space and can tilt to 5-degrees.
  • Treasure Garden 10ft Cantilever Umbrella -covers 79 sq. ft of space, and can tilt to 54-degrees to cover you.
  • Treasure Garden 11ft Cantilever Umbrella -provides 100 sq. ft of coverage and can tilt to a maximum of 54-degrees to shade you from the scorching sun.
  • Treasure Garden 13ft Cantilever Umbrella -covers 133 sq. ft. and can tilt to a maximum of 54-degrees to cover you.
  • Treasure Garden 11ft Curved Cantilever Umbrella covering 100 sq. ft. and has an inbuilt light adapter for lighting.

Tilt Patio Umbrella

These are similar to the standard pole patio umbrellas, but they have hinged poles that enable them to tilt to either side. They enable one to tilt the patio umbrella against the direction of the sun to avoid the strong stare as the sun rises and sets.

Five of the best tilt patio umbrellas under $1000 include:

  • Treasure Garden 10ft Shanghai Collar Tilt Umbrella -covers 79 sq. ft. and has an easy collar tilt function.
  • Treasure Garden 11ft Aluminum Auto Tilt Umbrella -providing 100 sq. ft of shade and has a crank lift and an auto tilt feature.
  • Treasure Garden 11ft Aluminum Collar Tilt Umbrella covers 100 sq. ft. and is ideal for both home and commercial use.
  • Treasure Garden Aluminum Auto Tilt Umbrella provides 80 sq. ft. of cover and has an auto tilt feature.
  • Treasure Garden Aluminum Push Button Tilt Umbrella has a push button tilt and has a crank lift.


When choosing patio umbrellas, consider their color, size, and durability. This will enable you to purchase the one that suits your needs. Fortunately, all the patio umbrellas mentioned above comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

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