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Bird Statues: Enhance Your Garden

By Ashton Harris April 06, 2016 0 comments

Whether it’s the swarming of starlings or hummingbirds and their grotesque flying abilities, birds are naturally captivating creatures. Unless you’re a devoted birder or in access to a very powerful camera, it is practically hard to get up close and personal with these elusive critters at all times. Also, as much as we may enjoy their presence in our gardens throughout the year, it is utterly challenging to offer these birds with protection and food that they need to survive and become a constant presence in our gardens.

Soaring Owl Statue by Campania International

These alleged shortcomings leave us with the next best thing and our only option: bird statues that are wonderfully intricate and detailed in models of various bird species. At, we are guided by our knowledge, experience and positive feedback from our clients to understand that larger bird statues are certainly amazing focal points in suburban settings, whereas smaller bird statues can be interesting talking points on tabletops or as fun gifts. Therefore, we are always on hand to provide our clients with any bird statue that they may need to enhance the beauty of their gardens.

Considering that we want nothing but the best for our clients, we only stock bird statues that are of international quality and based on the craftsmanship of Campania International, the best cast stone sculptors in the world. While these statues are made of cast stones, they come in a variety of finishes to give you a wide selection option.

To this point, it is easy to see why our decorative bird statues are an adorable addition to any outdoor space. Besides offering affordable statues, we ensure that each statue is creatively structured not just in the image of a bird, but also to bring out these birds’ exact environment to your garden. Therefore, here are a few examples of our bird statues that you can consider for your garden, and you’ll never go wrong.

Baby Barn Owl Statue

When you see this baby owl claim its place in your garden, it will be a creative way of adding the charm of the wild to your garden and home setting. This impressive owl statue boasts a stunning hand-made multidimensional cast stone. It is intricately sculpted to highlight the exact looks of a wild owl and is sure to be the focal point of your garden while guaranteeing lasting beauty and conveying that you take the exterior of your home as seriously as the interior.

Eagle Statue

Having our majestic eagle statue within your garden will elevate a feeling of pride, freedom and strength of this powerful bird. This fierce bird will not only symbolize the beauty of your landscape but will also be on hand to portray its independence and convey that guest are always welcomed with utmost warmth.

Bathing Bird Statue

Having our bird statue of an “upending and dabbling” bathing bird near a pond or pool in your garden will have neighbors swearing that you own a real water bird. Imagine how having two or three of these bathing bird statues around your swimming pool would adorably enhance your swimming pool environment.

To this end, it’s safe to say that our bird statues are delicately made to enhance peace, beauty and nature in your garden. They are highly sophisticated to accent a great landscape and can even make better gifts. Visit our page and find a plethora of bird statues to accentuate your home and garden setting.

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