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Campania Fountain Buyer Guide

By Ashton Harris April 07, 2016 0 comments

There’s nothing more serene, beautiful and that makes a powerful statement like an outdoor fountain. An outdoor garden fountain, such as those offered by Campania Fountains, is a great way to enhance your compound beauty and raise the value of your property as well. The graceful aesthetics coupled with the sound of flowing water provides a relaxing setting and enhances the surrounding landscape. However, not any fountain can suit your landscape, and that’s why it’s important to take your time to know several things about fountains before purchasing one. Knowing what to look for when searching for an outdoor fountain will make your shopping work and decision easier. So, whether you are still in the “thinking” mode or have decided to buy a water fountain, this guide will help you out.


What is the Ideal Location for Placing Fountains?
  • Water fountains can be placed either indoors or outdoors. Be sure to confirm that you knew fountain is designed for the location that you want it to be placed
What Is A Fountain Pump?
  • The fountain pump is the heart of the fountain, and it powers water to the top of your fountain.
About Water Evaporation
  • The rate of water evaporation is dependent on the climate the fountain is in. The hotter it is, the higher the rate of evaporation. 
About Refilling Water
  • Most of the small fountains are refilled manually. However, most of the larger commercial fountains are often fitted with an auto refill system.
About The Water Splash
  • Outdoor fountains often splash more and provide louder sound than the indoor fountains.


While fountains are not plug-and-play, they are pretty close, especially when you are aware of the various product features that affect maintenance and ease of use. For instance, power source might be your most important factor, which means that you’ll have to look carefully at how it’s installed to ensure that you’ve got proper supply in your vicinity. Other features to review in a water fountain include, base, lighting, flow control, material, and fogging.
  • Power source- Most fountains are powered by electricity with very few of them being battery and solar-operated. The usefulness and effectiveness if the latter power source is dependent on the amount of sunlight your water fountain will receive.
  • Base- Water fountains needs a level base that is secure to sit on. This can be a surface such as small selection of pavers or deck that offers stability.
  • Lighting- most water fountains are illuminated. They can either be automated to turn themselves on when the night falls or when the switch is turned on. This is an amazing way to add a refined accent to your patios or decks.
  • Flow Control- Many fountains have a flow control enabling it to regulate the speed with which the water flows. This enables you to alter the sound of the splash based on your personal preference.
  • Material- water fountains are available in a variety of materials, ranging from metal to stone to tiles. The type of material dictates the fountain durability and resilience. 
  • Fogging- some water might have a fogging feature. This feature is fun to have especially during parties and events.


Size Of The Fountain

When shopping for an outdoor water fountain, size is an important consideration. Not all homes are spaces to accommodate an elaborate fountain. Conversely, choosing a fountain that is too small for your patio or deck will only weaken the effect. If you have a relatively small garden, consider choosing small fountains that don't steal the show. A good tip to remember when choosing a fountain is to go for the one that blends well with the surrounding landscape without detracting the views of other things.

The Design Of The Landscape

Outdoor water fountains come in a range of design, each designed to suit different needs. Most of them fall into several broad categories.

a) Bubbling fountain- in this fountain, water bubbles from the tube rather than exploding into the air

b) Bronze fountain- it’s made of metal, and usually comes as a stature.

c) Stature fountains- they feature more artistic and intricate carving. They are ideal when used as the focal points in the compound. Most of them are showstoppers.

d) Pedestal Fountain- They have a simple pedestal design

e) Rock fountain- its water is pumped through rock.

f) Wall fountain- instead of standing independently, they’re attached to the wall.

g) Animal fountain- these fountains take an animal shape with water spouting from the mouth.

Beyond these common options, shoppers can also find other outdoor fountains in other creative shapes and designs. For instance, a Campania International Smithsonian Lotus Fountain has a lotus flower design and much more.

Fountain material

The biggest threat to outdoor fountains is the weather. Some material can last for decades, or hundreds of years without weathering or deteriorating whole others can deteriorate within a short span of time. Its durability depends on the local climate and material used to make the fountain. Shoppers who are looking for a long term fountain should consider the popular materials used to construct different fountains and then make an informed decision based on each material element.

Cast stone- fountains made using cast stone are available in a range of designs. They offer quality and durability that will last for generations to come. Some of the outstanding fountains made using cast stone include Campania International Charleston Garden Fountain, Campania International Parisienne One Tier Fountain, and Campania International Estate Longvue Fountain
  • Copper- it’s the most common fountain material and is known for its versatility and elegance. However with time, fountains made using copper fade over time because of oxidation.
  • Concrete- they are more likely to crack and chip at freezing temperature.
  • GFRC- GFRC is composite stones. Fountains made using GFRC are versatile, lightweight and durable.
  • Stainless steel- this provides the fountain with modern and sleek appearance. Fountains constructed using stainless steel are long lasting and durable
  • Limestone- it’s a popular choice but corrodes over time. 
  • Fiberglass- Fiberglass water fountains are lightweight and can take a finishing that resembles copper, brushed lead, or iron.
  • Bamboo- this is a natural material that is durable and versatile. It adds an exotic touch to any design or environment.
  • Granite-granite fountains are durable and long lasting, and also, provide exquisiteness of the natural stone in a range of colors.
  • Bronze- fountains made of bronze last for years, although they call for regular maintenance to offset the effect of oxidation.
  • Graphite- this is a durable choice that lasts for generations and is not affected by the cold climate.
  • Marble- fountains made from marble are ideal for warm climates but succumb easily in regions with the freezing or cold weather.
  • Resin- fountains made from resin last longer than concrete but not longer than natural stone.
Style Of Water Flow

This is another important factor to consider when choosing a garden fountain. A fountain can either have the following styles of water flow; it can jet out steadily as a bubble, shoot out as a sprig in the air, or flow in a slow stream like a river or waterfall. All these styles have their benefits and fit in different settings.

Fountains that have water coming out like spray are attractive and ideal for a compound that requires an impressive feature. However, they may not suit small gardens because the spray can spill on other important things in the patio. On the other side, free flowing fountains require significant amount of water.

Maintenance and Safety

Fountains require regular maintenance to keep them in good form and to run. The amount of maintenance is dependent on the type and size of the fountain. For instance, besides carrying out plumbing maintenance, fountains made of cast stone or concrete call for protection during the winter. Fountains with pressurized pumps may require maintenance to ensure that the pumps are in good form, which can raise maintenance cost.

Safety should also be considered, especially when owners plant to place it in an area with animals and kids. In such situations, choose strong fountains that have sturdy anchors that prevent them from topping over. To prevent corrosion and algae growth, make sure the fountains are placed in a cemented place. Think about the cost of maintenance before buying a fountain.

What Are The Different Types Of Fountains?

Fountains are made to suit different areas.

1. Wall Fountains

Why are they preferred?

- Save space. By placing a fountain on the wall, frees up valuable home/office space

- Branding. You can boost your brand exposure by adding your company name or logo to a fountain

- Beauty and appeal. They make a striking statement in your office or home

- Out of reach. They are inaccessible to children and pets.

- Painting alternative. They are an elegant alternative to wall décor.

2. Water Walls and Floor Fountains

Why are they preferred?
  • Simple installation process. Floor fountains are normally easy to install.
  • Visual impact. A water wall provides a calming effect and captivates your clients.
  •  Easily moveable. Floor fountains aren’t fixed to a wall and therefore, they can be moved easily.
  • Pet accessible. Pets like drinking from a fountain.
  • Company logo. You can increase brand recognition and personalize your fountain by adding your logo.
  • Fills a vertical space. Water walls can cover the area from floor to ceiling. 
Tabletop Fountains

Why are they preferred?
  • Great for relatively small spaces. They take up slight space and add an element of sophistication to your office or home.
  • Affordable. They are preferred by those on a tight budget.
  • Great gift. Tabletop fountains make an ideal gift for customers, friends, and family.
  • Safer. They are safe for kids and pets. 
Garden/Outdoor Fountains

Why are they preferred?
  • Noise mitigation. They help block unpleasant noise by neutralizing it with soothing and calming sound of water.
  • Easy installation. Most outdoor fountains only call for a leveled surface, which makes the installation work easier.
  • Large focal point. Garden fountains are always attention grabbers and create the “wow” factor.
  • Doubles as a birdbath. Birds are attracted to an outdoor fountain, which adds to the natural serene and beauty that the fountain creates.

Some Of The Most Outstanding Outdoor Fountains Include:

  • Campania International Newport Garden Fountain
  • Campania International Parisienne One Tier Fountain
  • Campania International Beaufort Fountain
  • Campania International Caterina Fountain in Basin


Pond And Lake Fountains

Why they are preferred
  • Controls mosquitos and bugs. Lake fountains stir water, which creates an unfavorable environment for mosquitoes to develop their eggs.

  • Improves water quality. Lake/pond fountain increases water circulation, and this improves the quality of plants, fish, and water.

  • Aesthetic appeal. Lake/pond fountains create a spectacular visual effect.

  • Inhibits algae growth. Through better oxygenation because of water circulation, algae growth is limited.

Installing an Outdoor Fountain

  • Read the manufacturer instructions. Read and understand the installation instruction; they’ll make the installation process much easier.
  • Basic skills and tools are needed. As long as you have the basic skills, you’ll be fine. Tools required will depend on the fountain size and type. A level will always be needed, but the rest of the basic tools will probably be readily available around the house.
  • Level surface. You need to have a larger surface area that is level, as the slightest unevenness of the ground can result in an uneven flow of fountain water. 
  • Solid surface. Make sure that the ground is compact and solid as large outdoor fountains are heavy and can sink over time.
  • Power outlet. Keep the power cord in the PVC pipe and underground. This keeps it unseen and out of the way. 
  • Water source- if your fountain doesn’t have an auto-refill system, keep the water hose near for frequent refills.


  • It’s possible to keep your fountain running and in good shape with the following maintenance tips.
  •  Maintenance instructions. Read and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instruction to ensure that proper care is given to the fountain.
  • Preventing white scale and algae. Treat your fountain with regular water treatment to prevent white scale and algae build up.
  •  Water levels. It’s important to maintain the required water levels. If your fountain runs out of the water, or the water falls below the required level, it’ll damage your fountain pump. And for your information, the damage of the pump caused by your ignorance is not covered under warranty.
  • Winterizing and covering. It’s always important to drain all the water from the fountain before the first freeze. Remove the pump and cover the fountain with a protective fountain cover. If left uncovered, the expansion of water freezing insides could cause it to crack.
  • Regular cleaning. Your fountain will collect dust, leaves, and dirt and these will need to be cleaned out. Cleaning involves draining all the water, wiping out the water tank, and cleaning the fountain pump.


Now that you have learned much about the fountain basics, you can explore our large selection of our outdoors fountains today. We have a large collection of the outdoor fountain in Campania Fountains such as Campania International Beauvais Fountain and Campania International Longvue Fountain.

You can also find some great information about 10,000 things to know before buying a garden by visting 


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