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As a homeowner or commercial building owner, you might have been looking for a superb way to renovate your outdoor landscape or terrace without having to deal with messy and expensive construction. If so, you probably would be glad to check these amazing modular planters from Campania International.

These sleekly designed components are made of fiberglass and are easy, yet elegant ways of sprucing up balconies, roof gardens, courtyards, office lobbies, swimming pool areas and any other outdoor place that you might think of. In essence, possibilities are endless with modular planters from Campania International.

These modular planters are inventive ways of transforming your garden, experimenting with your space and creating a unique personal garden architecture. Whether you have a villa with a large park or a small house terrace, modular planters from Campania International are designed to create soft, graceful, and effortlessly defined graphic forms in any private and outdoor public space, as well as indoor spaces. Therefore, here are some fabulous modular planters from Campania International that you can find on

Big Box Planter in Concrete Lite

This larger-than-life planter is made from fiberglass and strengthened with concrete fiber, which is ideal and most perfect for any outdoor space be it an outdoor patio, a rooftop garden or for commercial planting projects. It is distinctly of higher strength, enduring and timeless. It is resistant to knocks, temperature variations and a series of weather conditions. Its maintenance is also very simple as you can use a damp sponge to clean perfectly all the surfaces.

This planter comes at 19.75 inches and 59 inches long and weighs 66 pounds. It is lightweight, which makes it movable and attractive as well. When it comes to using this planter, nothing should certainly limit your imagination. Whenever you buy this attractive planter from, you are guaranteed of free shipping to any address within the continental USA.

Modular 4 Lite Planter

This is a typical example of the larger Modular Lite Collection that is available from Campania International. As part of the Pacifica collection, Modular 4 Lite Planter is a modernly designed planter that is sure to remain timeless and bring a lasting style to your outdoor space. This is ideal for any outdoor space where the weight of the planter is a concern such as in the rooftop or on balconies. This is the backdrop of the fact that they are structured from lightweight materials, which bring together fiberglass reinforced with concrete fibers.

This is a tall trough planter, which measures 35.5 inches tall, 17.75 inches wide, and 35.5 inches long and weighs around 62 pounds. This sleek planter, therefore, takes up a good amount of space and can fill any outdoor space in an urban setting considering that they come in many sizes and shapes including rectangle and square. Remember, this gorgeous planter has free shipping to any address within Continental USA as long as you acquire them from

Modular Planter 6 in Onyx Black Lite

If you ever imagined having a modular planter that evokes serene contemplation, Modular Planter 6 in Onyx Black Lite is your ultimate product. This planter is incredibly structured in a way that creates natural scenes especially for those trapped in an office but yearns to gaze upon a natural landscape. There is no better way of bringing the feeling of relaxation in a workspace or a cubicle than by using this amazing planter.

Made from lightweight fiberglass and reinforced with concrete fiber, this lustrous planter is probably the best solution for many applications. It measures 31.5 inches long, 11.75 inches wide and 26.75 inches tall and weighs at 29 pounds. No doubt, free shipping to any address within the Continental USA.

Modular Lite Planter 2 in Matte Black

It is true that black is a neutral color that is never not in style. However, matte black is enjoying a moment in the spotlight more than ever. In that regard, anything that is done in matte black is it a car or this elegant Modular Lite Planter 2 in Matte Black will bring a new level of versatility and incredible drama with it. That is why planters with matte black remain among the most popular in the United States today.

Nonetheless, this particular planter is lightweight as it is structured with fiberglass. It not only brings a modern aesthetics to the landscape but also mimics contemporary architecture through its clean angles. It can transform rooftops, balconies, staircases and entryways into some living spaces, thereby encapsulating an ordinary space into a trendy and sustainable form of architecture with the attractive decorative accent.

Regarding features, this planter measures 17.75 inches long, 17.75 inches wide and 35.5 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds. This is a planter that surely stands to ground an otherwise airy space. Keep in mind; shipping is free to any address in the Continental USA.

Big Box Planter in Onyx Black

Big Box Planter in Onyx Black incorporates the simple, yet clean elements of contemporary black in a home or garden. They are designed to make outdoor patios, courtyards, rooftop gardens, deck areas, green roofs and commercial areas such as streetscapes, driveways, walkways and plazas truly stunning. Their modern design sculptures also ensure that they are ideal for areas around fountains, fireplaces, and swimming pools.

As a lightweight and movable planter, Big Box Planter in Onyx Black measures at 19.75 inches long and 59 inches long and weighs at 66 pounds. This large planter can ideally make inventive sectional seating while remaining perfect for beautiful planting. Just like the rest, this planter is shipped to any address within Continental USA.

Conclusion: Why You Need These Planters

As you can see from these few assortments of modular planters from Campania International, they are versatile planters that are designed with high novelty to hold an array of flowers, shrubs and other decorative plants. They are not just beautiful, but can also be easily moved if you need to. These planters are available in Concrete Lite, Lead Lite, Onyx Black Lite and Matte Black. Apart from being frost resistant and extremely durable in rigid temperatures, modular planters from Campania International will be a real fashion statement that will make both your outdoor and indoor space more functional and attractive in a rather affordable way.  Find our more about modular planters here. 

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