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Campania Bird Bath Buyers Guide

By Ashton Harris April 16, 2016 0 comments

Campania bird baths are a great way to attract birds to your garden and can add some decorative elements to your landscape as well. The diversity and number of birds visiting your yard will increase, and they'll spend more time enjoying the baths. Even birds that don't visit your feeders may come to your bird bath; the bluebirds, swallows, robins, hummingbirds, wrens, and other fruit and insect-eating species won't come to your seed feeder, but will come because of the nice bath and drink.

Five Reasons Why You Need Birdbaths Especially The Well-Designed Classic Birdbaths From Campania? 

1. Birdbaths Attract a Wide Diversity of Species

Whereas the bird feeders attract specific types of birds such as hummingbirds, birdbaths will appeal to almost all the bird species, including those which do not normally visit your yard. Even the small birdbaths can go a long way in attracting different varieties of bird’s species.

2. Water Is Vital For The Birds

When there are unexpected snowstorm blows or heat waves linger for longer periods, water gets to a premium. In the winter, ice covers the water sources making the birds lack drinking water while during the summer; birds need water so that they can cool their bodies. A birdbath can make life lovely for the birds, especially when the weather conditions are harsh.

3. Birdbaths Can Attract Beneficial Insects

This may not seem great superficially, but many insects are extremely beneficial to your garden plants. Wasp, for instance, kills pests such as cabbage worms, which may harm your crops.

4. They Add Decorative Element To Your Yard

Bird feeders can be attractive, but birdbaths, especially the Campania birdbaths, are intrinsically decorative. The various styles and designs of the birdbaths allow them to bring perfectly out the personality of any yard. Birdbaths can serve as both of water source for the birds and an ornamental piece of art; it can actually raise the value of your home too.

5. Some Birdbaths Add Soothing Sound Of Water

Birdbaths can inject the soothing sound of running water to your backyard. This can enhance relaxation and introduce a nature-like environment to your yard. Even if you have a still birdbath, you can install some accessories to make the water in it make sounds.

Types of Bird Baths 

If you draw birds to your garden, you want to make sure that they are safe from predators. To achieve that, you have to know several types of birdbaths. This will help you choose a birdbath that suits your needs and one that will ensure maximum security for your birds; depending on the location, you are going to place it. Major types of birdbaths include pedestal, ground, fountain, and hanging.

1. Pedestal

Pedestal birdbaths are birdbaths that have a bowl with a base extending to the ground. These birdbaths have varying heights in order to protect the birds from predators. The lifted design also adds decorative elements to your garden. A good example of Pedal birdbath is Campania International Chestnut Hill Birdbath

2. Ground

Some of the birdbaths are grounded; typically they have a flat bottom to provide a solid base. These types of baths can be placed in different locations in your landscape.

3. Fountain

Fountain birdbaths have a bowl and a base that resemble the pedestal bath. Besides, they allow water to move through a fountain element.

4. Hanging

Most resemble a ground birdbath, but they have a bowl that can be suspended either from a post or tree branch. These serve to protect the birds better from predators on the ground.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bird Baths 

1. Size

The bigger and wider the birdbath is, the more birds it’ll attract. However, it will take more effort and time to clean.

2. Depth

The bird bath should not be deeper than 4 inches; it should be between 2-4 inches- 8-10cm, if possible it should be shallower at the edges. The depth should go on increasing with a gradual slope. Most birds prefer shallow water that doesn’t go beyond the breast height.

3. Placement

The birdbaths should be placed away from the bird predators. In most cases, the greatest threats to birds are dogs, cats, and raccoons. Keeping the birdbath elevated will keep these animals from drinking the bath water and dirtying it. If the birdbath is not raised by a pedestal, raise it high off the ground to keep off the ground predators. Also, keep it away from a bush or thick cover where the predators can hide. Placing it under or next to a tree is ideal. The tree will help keep the water cooler, and the birds will have a place where they can perch when leaving or coming to the bath.

4. Bottom Space

The inner bottom surface of the birdbath should be rough or textured. Birds don’t enjoy a slick and slippery bottoms, just like how humans feel uncomfortable walking on a slippery floor barefooted. If you purchase a bird bath that has a smooth surface, you can make it rough by scrubbing it with coarse sandpaper or fill it with natural stones/pebbles/rocks.

5. Sound

Trickling or moving water attracts the birds more than the silent, stagnant water. You can fit a fountain with built-in pumps or even solar-powered ones. You can improvise your own fountain by placing a container with tiny holes above the bath. This will keep the water dripping into the bath all through the day. You can cover the container with a cloth to slow down the dripping speed.

6. Refilling and Cleaning

Make sure to place your bird bath in a place where you’ll be able to refill it easily and clean it without much hassle. During the hot days, refill it at least once. You can use a wire brush to scrub any accumulation of algae or dirt.

7. Material

A variety of materials including clay and ceramic can be used as the foundations for bird baths. The only thing you have to be careful with is not purchasing a birdbath made of a material that can leach anything harmful to the birds.

Campania International Juliet Birdbath

Where to Buy Quality and Stylish Bird Baths 

Campania birdbaths comprise of a large selection of both classic bird baths and large bird baths. The classic bird baths stand tall and can make a lovely focal point in your garden. You can explore the large selection of the bird baths on our site to choose the one that suits your needs. Some of the most outstanding birdbaths include Campania International Pine Meadow Birdbath, Campania International Mara Birdbath, and many others


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